English Awareness Quiz – 9


Practice your English knowledge with Haryana Magazine, English basis free quizzes. English Quiz is given below, that will help you in various competitive i.e. Banking, SSC, IBPS, Clerk, CTET, HTET, HPSC, Haryana Police and Other Exam.


English Awareness Quiz – 9

1. question (1to 6) find out which part of a sentence has an error.

The speaker(A)/ left the scene(B)/ before long(C)/ No error(D)


2. we shall(A)/ go out(B)/ if it does not rains(C)/ no error(D)


3. the president(A)/ overtakes(B)/ in Bangladesh(C)/ no error(D)


4. it is high time (A)/ that we leave (B)/ this place (C)/ no error (D)


5. The Hindu is (A)/ most popular than any other (B)/ newspaper in India (C)/ no error(D)


6. my elder brother (A)/ asked me (B)/ that what i was doing (C)/ no error (D)


7. (question NO. 7 to 10) choose the correct alternative out of the four.

I ______ your house yesterday.


8. I have never seen _______ animal before.


9. she is ______ girls I know.


10. He said to me,”you are _______’.


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