English Awareness Quiz – 8


Practice your English knowledge with Haryana Magazine, English basis free quizzes. English Quiz is given below, that will help you in various competitive i.e. Banking, SSC, IBPS, Clerk, CTET, HTET, HPSC, Haryana Police and Other Exam.


English Awareness Quiz – 8

1. Find out which part of a sentence has an error.

The teacher asked him (A)/ which English novel (B)/ did he like the most (C)/ no error (D)


2. students must (A)/ give the ear to (B)/ what the Teacher tells them (C)/ no error (D)


3. i doubt (A)/ that this is (B)/ acceptable to all (C)/ no error (D)


4. i have (A)/ a lot of problems (B)/ have not I? (C)/ no error (D)


5. we are (A)/ hearing songs (B)/ from the tape recorder (C)/ no error (D)


6. A holy man accepts (A)/ with all the humility in the world (B)/ whatever god has provided him. (C)/ no error (D)


7. Choose the correct alternative out of the four.

She does not _______ her money.


8. All clothes were soaked _______ water.


9. In our younger years years, our minds are ______ and soft.


10. All hell _______ broken loose after the bomb blast.


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