English Awareness Quiz – 11


Practice your English knowledge with Haryana Magazine, English basis free quizzes. English Quiz is given below, that will help you in various competitive i.e. Banking, SSC, IBPS, Clerk, CTET, HTET, HPSC, Haryana Police and Other Exam.


English Awareness Quiz – 11

1. while talking to her parents , she left the cat out of the bag.


2. it is no use splitting hair now when we have bigger tasks to accomplish.


3. if he is lazy, why don’t you turn him off.


4. Having walked twenty miles, I am feeling quite done up.


5. (question no. 5 to 10) choose the correct alternative.

it would be a good idea if you get his permission first.


6. we watched the basket- maker and realized that he was proficient at his craft.


7. avarice was shylock’s chief trait of character.


8. the driver drove slowly so as not to overturn his load.


9. a bird in a hand is worth two in the bush.


10. he nobly acquitted himself in the battle.


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