Haryana Current Affairs February 2019, Liner Questions | Download Pdf


In this post, the Liner Q/A related to the Haryana Current Affairs of February-2019 are given. These Current Affairs will assist the candidates in various related examinations i.e. HTET, HSSC, HPSC, Haryana Police etc. You can download these questions in PDF from below link.

Haryana Current Affairs February 2019, Liner Questions | Download Pdf

  1. When did DGP of Haryana, BS Sandhu retires as DGP’s post?
    Answer: January 31, 2019
  2. Who has been appointed as officiating DGP after BS Sandhu?
    Answer: KP (Kushal Pal) Singh, IPS Officer of 1985 batch
  3. Who has been appointed as Haryana’s new DGP?
    Answer: IPS Manoj Yadav (From 18 Feb)
  4. How long was the 33rd International Surajkund Fair organized?
    Answer: from 1 February to 15 February 2019
  5. Which state was chosen for Theme State for  the 33rd International Surajkund Fair?
    Answer: Maharashtra
  6. Which country was chosen for participant country of the 33rd International Surajkund Fair?
    Answer: Thailand (This is an affiliate country in 2012)
  7. What was the main highlight point of the 33rd International Surajkund Fair?
    Answer: Raigarh Fort of Maharashtra.
  8. How many countries took part in the 33rd International Surajkund Fair?
    Answer: Almost 32 countries
  9. Which player of Haryana won gold medal and silver medal in Shot-put and Discus Throw, respectively, from 23rd to 31st January at the 23rd National Deaf Senior Sports Athletics Championship in Chennai?
    Answer: Priyanka Kaliramana (Sandwa, District Bhiwani)
  10. Recently announced, which number of country’s AIIMS will be established in Haryana?
    Answer: 22nd
  11. Where will the 22nd AIIMS be established?
    Answer: Manethi, Rewari (Haryana) in 22 acres
  12. What will be established to promote the arts and culture in Haryana? Recently announced by Haryana Government.
    Answer: Multi Art Cultural Centre
  13. How many multi-art cultural centres will be set up to promote art and culture in Haryana?
    Answer: Four
  14. Recently Haryana Police has decided to start which female battalion from next month?
    Answer: SDRF (State Disaster Response Force)
  15. What is the purpose of establishing SDRF women battalion in Haryana Police?
    Answer: To control natural disasters, counter terror acts and riots
  16. How many women police stations are there in Haryana?
    Answer: 21
  17. Where was the 4th Agri Leadership Summit-2019 organized in Haryana?
    Answer – in Gannaur (in Panipat)
  18. In the 4th Agri Leadership Summit-2019, which new honour did the Haryana Government give to farmers?
    Answer: Haryana Kisan Ratna Award (Cash prize with citation 5 lakhs)
  19. In 4th Agri Leadership Summit – 2019, How many farmers were awarded ‘Krishi Ratna Award’?
    Answer: 9 farmers (Total 10 awards were given, 9 farmers and 1 CCSAU, Hisar included)
  20. In 4th Agri Leadership Summit – 2019, how many farmers were awarded the ‘Kisan Ratna Award’?
    Answer: 24 farmers
  21. Which university of Haryana has become the first institute of the state to get the ‘Krishi Ratna Award’?
    Answer: Agricultural University Hisar (CCSAU, Hisar)
  22. On the occasion of 4th Agri Leadership Summit-2019, President Ramnath Kovind launched ______
    Answer: Digital Kisan App
  23. In the 4th Agri Leadership Summit-2019, how much is the target given to the farmer’s income per acre?
    Answer: Upto Rs 1 lakh
  24. What is the place of Haryana in ‘Ease of Doing Business’?
    Answer: Third (According to 4th Agri Leadership Summit – CM)
  25. In how many acres, international horticulture market will be established in Gannaur?
    Answer: 600 acres (14000 Million will cost)
  26. ‘Rashtriya Krimi Mukti Divas’ is celebrate at ____________ .
    Answer: 8 February
  27. From where did the ‘Rashtriya Krimi Mukti Divas’ begin in Haryana?
    Answer: Additional Chief Secretary of Haryana Health Department, Mr. Rajiv Arora, started the campaign from Panchkula with the dose of medicine to 100 children from different schools.
  28. How many children will be treated with albendazole pill in Haryana under the ‘Rashtriya Krimi Mukti Divas’ campaign?
    Answer: 93 lakh children
  29. Where did the ‘स्वच्छ-शक्ति 2019’ launch of the third phase of Sanitary Campaign?
    Answer: Dharmanagari from Kurukshetra on February 12, 2019
  30. Which book was released by Haryana’s Governor Satyadev Narayan Arya, the book based on the statements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi which gave inspiration to cleanliness?
    Answer: ‘स्वच्छ भारत – संकल्प से सिद्घ्रि’
  31. Which projects were inaugurated and laid out by Prime Minister Modi on the launch of ‘स्वच्छ-शक्ति 2019 ‘ in the third phase of the Sanitary Campaign?
    Answer: Prime Minister Modi inaugurated and laid foundation of following projects –
    – The National Cancer Institute dedicated the country to Bhadsa (Jhajjar).
    – The foundation stone of the National Ayurveda Institute Panchkula.
    – ESIC Medical College and Hospital Inaugurated at Faridabad.
    – In memory of Battle of Panipat, laid foundation stone of the martyr memorial.
    – laid foundation stone of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya University of Medical Sciences,       Kutel (Karnal).
    – Shree Krishna Ayush University, Kurukshetra also laid the foundation stone.
  32. On the occasion of स्वच्छ शक्ति-2019, which lady of Haryana was given the स्वच्छ शक्ति पुरस्कार-2019 by Prime Minister Modi?
    Answer: Rekha
  33. Which district of Haryana was first declared as ODF Plus-Plus?
    Answer: Karnal
  34. A seminar on soil improvement and climate change was organized in which district of Haryana?
    Answer: Central Soil Salinity Research, in Karnal from February 7 to 9, 25 countries participated
  35. What is the first depot of Haryana roadways that has made the drivers and operators duty online?
    Answer: Bhiwani Depot, from 8th February
  36. Where and when the International Saraswati Festival-2013 was organized?
    Answer: Adibadri (in Yamunanagar), from 6th to 10th February, Inaugurated  by- Minister of Tourism and Education of Haryana, Ram Bilas Sharma
  37. Which of the women farmer of Haryana was honored with Kisan Ratna Award by President Ram Nath Kovind in 4th Agri In the Leadership Summit.
    Answer: Nitu Devi, (From Jhajjar)
  38. Who inaugurated the 33rd International Surajkund Fair?
    Answer: Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Maharashtra
  39. When and where was the seminar organized on soil improvement and climate change?
    Answer: From 7th to 9th February, Central Soil Salinity Research Institute in Karnal (25 countries participated in this seminar)
  40. Which district of Haryana got the first prize for the highest yield of vegetables?
    Answer: To Panipat
  41. Where did the four-day International Geeta Mahotsav be organized?
    Answer: In Mauritius
  42. Which district of Haryana started the drug free India campaign?
    Answer: From 19th February 2019, Guru Jambhashwar University, Hisar
  43. What is the daughter of Haryana who became the Haryana’s 1st and country’s 3rd woman assistant commandant?
    Answer: Somya from Sonepat (click for more Information)
  44. Where did the 9th senior women hockey championship organized?
    Answer: From 8th February to 18th February 2019 at Hisar AstroTurf
  45. Who won the title of Division-B of 9th Senior Women National Hockey Championship?
    Answer: SAI (Sports Authority of India)
  46. Who won the title of Division-A of 9th Senior Women National Hockey Championship?
    Answer: Railway
  47. When and where did the three-day State Level Wrestling Akhara and Haryana Kesari and Kumari Dangal Competition be organized
    Answer: Kaithal from 25 to 27 February
  48. Who won the title ‘Haryana Kesari-2019’?
    Answer: Naina from Panipat
  49. Who won the title ‘Haryana Kumari-2019’?
    Answer: Manjhu of Hisar
  50. Which player won 62 kg weight wrestling against wrestling?
    Answer: Sanyogita from Kaithal
  51. When and where ‘तृतीय अखिल भारतीय कबड्डी प्रतियोगिता’ (एक करोड़ी कुश्ती प्रतियोगिता) was organized?
    Answer: From 22 to 24 February in the Mahavir Stadium of Hisar
  52. How many teams took part in एक करोड़ी कुश्ती प्रतियोगिता?
    Answer: 12 teams (Air India, Service Sports Control Board, Vijaya Bank, Haryana State, ONGC, Indian Railways, Karnataka, Maharashtra, CISF, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Bihar)
  53. Who inaugurated एक करोड़ी कुश्ती प्रतियोगिता?
    Answer: Haryana Governor Satyadev Narayan Arya
  54. Who won एक करोड़ी कुश्ती प्रतियोगिता?
    Answer: Indian Railways
  55. Who is II runner-up and a third runner-up of एक करोड़ी कुश्ती प्रतियोगिता?
    Answer: 2nd runner-up – Team of Services and third runner-up Haryana
  56. When did एक करोड़ी कुश्ती प्रतियोगिता start in Haryana?
    Answer: From year 2016
  57. When was the budget of 2019-20 of Haryana presented in the assembly?
    Answer: On February 25, 2019
  58. How much is the budget of 2019-20 of Haryana?
    Answer: 1,32,165.99 crores Click here to read the full budget
  59. What plan has been launched on the lines of the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi in the Haryana Budget 2019-20?
    Answer: Farmer Pension Scheme (किसान पेंशन योजना) (This scheme will benefit farmers less than 1500/- monthly and up to five acres of land)
  60. Which player of Haryana won a bronze medal in boxing in the International Satrang Cup competition held at Bulgaria?
    Answer: Neeraj Fogat of Dadri (village Jinghar) (dedicated to the brave martyrs of Pulwama)
  61. Where is the first water ATM of Haryana Established?
    Answer: In Sector-34 of Gurujram
  62. Where is the first Testing Lab of Haryana State?
    Answer: In Karnal (Sector-3)
  63. Which of the district of Haryana has recently got status of city council from the municipality?
    Answer: Jhajjar
  64. For the first time, which Olympiad exam was instituted in Haryana?
    Answer: Sports Olympiad Examination, from Mahendergarh district (in three stages – school level, block level, from 9th to 12th grade at district level)
  65. Which daughter of Haryana has won gold in the 24th Asian International Open Karate Championships competition?
    Answer: Latika from Bhiwani
  66. Where was the 12th state-level labour sports competition organized?
    Answer: In Gurugram
  67. How many players were honored with the Chief Minister’s Labor Award in the 12th State Level labour Sports Competition?
    Answer: 23 players

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