Haryana Current Affairs January 2019, Liner Questions | Download pdf


In this post, the Liner Q/A related to the Haryana Current Affairs of January-2019 are given. These Current Affairs will assist the candidates in various related examinations i.e. HTET, HSSC, HPSC, Haryana Police etc. You can download these questions in PDF from below link.

Haryana Current Affairs January 2019, Liner Questions | Download pdf


  1. Which operation started by DGP Sandhu for humble behavior with the public?
    Answer: ‘Operation Shriman’
  2. How long ‘Operation Shriman’ will work?
    Answer: From 4th January it will be run till January 31.
  3. Which program is run to give information about the basic needs of the Aadhar Card and the official facilities available to them with Aadhar?
    Answer: ‘Aadhar Rath’
  4. When did the ‘Aadhar Rath’ begin and how long will it work?
    Answer: It started from January 2 and will do its work till 10th February.
  5. How many days will the ‘Aadhar Rath’ tour and give information to the related people?
    Answer: 40 days
  6. Who gave the green signal to the “Aadhar Rath’?
    Answer: Additional Chief Secretary S. S. Prasad
  7. When did the beginning of the formation of ‘Aadhaar card’ in the country?
    Answer: 28 January 2009
  8. In which place of Haryana, Country’s first largest ‘ Ashoka Chakra’ established?
    Answer: Village Topra Kalan, Yamunanagar
  9. What is the perimeter of the country’s largest Ashoka Chakra in Topra Kalan?
    Answer: 30 feet (weight – about 6 tons)
  10. Which of the following bodies built country’s largest ‘Ashok Chakra’ in Topra Kalan?
    Answer – The Buddhist Forum Forum
  11. Tupara Kalan is the main center for the spread of which religion?
    Answer: Buddhism
  12. When and where was the 13th Haryana Junior State Hockey Championship organized?
    Answer – From 2 to 6 January, at the Astrotg ground in Hisar
  13. Which team wins in the 13th Haryana Junior State Hockey Championship?
    Answer: Hisar
  14. How many teams took part in the 13th Haryana Junior State Hockey Championship?
    Answer – 288 players from 16 teams
  15. Which Olympic player honored the winning team in the 13th Haryana Junior State Hockey Championship?
    Answer: Olympic player Poonam Boss
  16. Where is the country’s first high-security Feature Certificate launched?
    Answer – ICAT, in Manesar
  17. World Toilet Day – How many districts of Haryana have been selected in top 42 clean districts across the country?
    Answer: 6 districts (Mewat, Panchkula, Panipat, Bhiwani, Faridabad, Karnal) were organized from November 9 to 19, 2018, in which 412 districts from 25 states and Union Territories participated.
  18. Recently, where is the skeleton of the 5000 year old lover couple of ‘Harappan Kalin’ found?
    Answer: In the Rakhigadi, the Deccan College of Pune, Deemed University’s archaeologists
  19. On which peak Anita Kundu hoisted the Tricolor on the occasion of Makar Sankranti (14 January 2019)?
    Answer: On the highest peak of Antarctica continent, Winson Massif
  20. How many peaks have been wins by Anita Kundu till now (14-01-19) during her Seven Summit Campaign?
    Answer: 5 (Mount Everest, Indonesia’s Carmen’s Pyramid Summit in March 2018, Elbrus of Europe in August 2018, Kilimanjarans of Africa in October 2018, January 2019, the highest peak of the Antarctic continent, Vinson Massif)
  21. According to a report published by the Haryana Government on December 31, 2018, what is the gender ratio of Haryana?
    Answer: 924: 1000
  22. According to a report published by the Haryana Government on December 31, 2018, which district of Haryana has the highest sex ratio.
    Answer: Karnal 979 : 1000
  23. According to the 2011 census, which three districts of Haryana had the sex ratio lowest? And now, how much has it increased?
    Answer: Rewari, Jhajjar and Kurukshetra were 781, 780, 743, respectively, now it increased to 904, 911, 942 (click on the link for more information)
  24. What is the reason behind starting “Meri Fasal Mera Byora Portal”?
    Answer: By this Portal, farmers can submit their crop details By Online Registration
  25. On January 23, which player of Haryana was awarded the President’s Child Awards?
    Answer: Anish Bhanwal (16 years old) to win a gold medal in the 25 meter Rapid Fire Pistol in CWG-2018
  26. Which Haryana Mountaineer was awarded the Bal Award?
    Answer: Mountain Girl Shivangi Pathak (From Hisar) on 23 January
  27. Which award was given to Haryana in the program organized in Delhi on the Occasion of National Girl Child Day (24 January)?
    Answer: Haryana has been awarded State Award and 3 District Award for ‘Beti Bachao-Beti Padrao’?
  28. Which districts of Haryana were rewarded in the program organized in Delhi on the occasion of National Girl Child Day?
    Answer: 1_ Jhajjar has been awarded in the category ‘Enabling Girl Child Education’,
    2_ Kurukshetra in category ‘Enforcement of Pre Conception and Pre Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act’.
    3_ has been awarded in the category ‘Effective Community Engagement’.
  29. How many celebrities of Haryana have been selected for the Padma awards for the year-2019?
    Answer: 5 (Padma Bhushan – Sri Darshan Lal Jain, Padma Shri – Kanwal Singh Chauhan, Bajrang Poonia, Narendra Singh, Sultan Singh) Click For More ….
  30. In which field did Mr. Darshan Lal Jain Ji receive Padma Award for the commendable work?
    Answer: To discover Saraswati river
  31. On January 26, 2019, on the occasion of Ganatantra Div, the Chief Minister of Haryana hoisted the national flag in which district?
    Answer – in Bhiwani
  32. On January 26, 2019, Haryana Governor S.N. Arya unfurled the National Flag in which district?
    Answer: In Panchkula
  33. What pattern will be evaluated by the Haryana School Education Board?
    Answer: CBSE
  34. What is the new name of Khizrababad town of Yamunanagar?
    Answer: Pratapnagar
  35. Who became the first Muslim woman to become the lecturer of Sanskrit in the Mewat region?
    Answer: Shabnam Bano (PGT Sanskrit), from Ahmedbas village of Ferozepur Jhirka block
  36. Where was the 4th Haryana International Film Festival organized?
    Answer – 13 to 17 January, Agricultural University in Hisar,
  37. Which Place of Palwal Chief Minister Khattar inaugurated Sri Vishwakarma Skill University on 13th January 2019?
    Answer – In Dudaula village of Palwal
  38. Which district of Haryana has decided to celebrate ‘Maratha Shory Divas’ on January 14 every year?
    Answer: In Panipat
  39. What is the name of the ‘Khelo India School Games’ after changed?
    Answer – Khelo India Youth Games
  40. Where did the Khelo India Youth Games-2019 organize?
    Answer: From 9th to 20th January 2019, Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Belvadi, Pune (Maharashtra).
  41. Which State’s team has held the first place in the Khelo India Youth Games -2019?
    Answer: Maharashtra with 227 medals
  42. What position did the Haryana team get in the Khelo India Youth Games -2019?
    Answer: Second place with 178 Medals (62 gold, 56 silver, 60 bronze)
  43. In Which games, Haryana topped in the Khelo India Youth Games -2019?
    Answer – Archery- 7 Medals, Wrestling – 58 Medals, Kabaddi – 3 Medals, Hockey – 4 Medals, Boxing – 51 Medals (Click for more information for Khelo India Youth Games – 2019)
  44. What is the name of the first Sikh women mountaineer in the world, who flag hoisted Tricolor and Nishan Sahib on Mount Bonnet, the highest peak of Argentina. Where she is related from?
    Answer: Mehak Jyot (17), Karnal from Haryana
  45. On the occasion of Republic Day, who became the first woman mountaineer to hoisted the Tricolor on Mount Kilimanjaro?
    Answer: Manisha from Banawali, Fatehabad
  46. For which suffering girls and women, the Government of Haryana has recently started the scheme for giving monthly pension?
    Answer: Suffering from acid attacks
  47. Which place of Haryana has been included in 30 Clean Icons of the country?
    Answer – Brahmasarovar
  48. Where will the country’s first National Hockey Academy be conducted?
    Answer: At Maharishi Dayanand University, this academy will be named after Major Dhyanchand. The Blue Turf Hockey Ground will be ready by the end of 2019 at a cost of 6.5 million in the MDU campus. In the year 2020, the training of the players will start.
  49. Which mountain range in Europe defeat by Hissar’s Ankush Kasana (Lalpura village)?
    Answer: Mount Albrus
  50. Which National Award was awarded to Anganwadi worker Suman for his outstanding achievement in the field of child development?
    Answer: Rashtriya Anganwadi Karytri Purskar

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