List of Various Science Disciplines


List of Various Science Disciplines –
In this post various scientists disciplines are given. This type of information will help in various competitive examination.

List of Various Science Disciplines –

Sr.  Disciplines 
1 Acarology-
Zoology Branch that deals with ticks and mites.
2 Acoustics-
The study of sound, In other words the science of sound).
3 Aerodynamics-
Branch of mechanics that deals with the motion of air and other gases; the study of the motion and control of solid bodies like aircraft, missiles in air.
4 Aeronautics-
The science or art of flight.
5 Aerostatics-
Branch of statics that deals with gases in equilibrium and with gases and bodies in them.
6 Anatomy-
The science dealing with the structure of animals, plants or human body.
7 Anthropology-
Deals with the origin and physical and cultural development of mankind.
8 Arboriculture-
Cultivation of trees and vegetables.
9 Archaeology-
The study of antiquities.
10 Astronautics-
The science of space travel.
11 Astronomy-
The study of the heavenly bodies.
12 Astrophysics-
The branch of astronomy concerned with the physical nature of heavenly bodies.
13 Biometry-
The application of mathematics to the study of living things.
14 Bionics-
The study of functions, characteristics and phenomena observed in the living world and the application of this knowledge to the world of machines.
15 Biophysics-
The physics of vital processes (living things).
16 Botany-
The study of plants.
17 Cardiology-
A branch of medicine dealing with the heart.
18 Cytochemsitry-
The branch of cytology dealing with chemistry of cells.
19 Cytogenetics-
The branch of biology dealing with the body of heredity from the point of view of cytology and genetics.
20 Cytology-
The study of cells, especially their formation, structure and functions.
21 Dactylography-
The study of fingerprints for the purchase or identification.
22 Dactylology-
The study of fingerprints.
23 Dandrology-
Science dealing with study of trees.
24 Dietetics-
Science dealing with study of diet and nutrition.
25 Epidemiology-
The branch of medicine dealing with communicable diseases.
26 Epigraphy-
The study of inscriptions.
27 Epistemology-
Study of the nature of knowledge.
28 Eugenics-
The study of the production of better offering by the care¬ful selection of parents.
29 Genesiology-
The science of generation.
30 Geology-
The science that deals with the physical history of the earth.
31 Geomedicine-
The branch of medicine dealing with the influence of climate and environmental conditions on health.
32 Geomorphology-
The study of the characteristics, origin and development of landforms.
33 Gynaecology-
Dealing with female diseases of the reproductive system.
34 Haemetology-
Relating to study of blood and blood disorders.
35 Hepatology-
Branch of medicine relating to study of liver and its diseases.
36 Metallography-
Study of the crystalline structures of metals and alloys.
37 Meteorology-
Science of the atmosphere and its phenomena.
38 Metrology-
Scientific study of weights and measures, bacteria, molds and pathogenic protozoa.
39 Minerology-
Study of distribution, identification and properties of minerals.



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