Important Inventions of Physics & Chemistry


In this post Some Important Inventions of Science Related to Chemistry & Physics are given. We Hope given Information will help you in various Competitive Exam.

Important Inventions of Physics & Chemistry

Sr Name of Discovery Name of Person who Discover
1  Discovered positive electrons. Anderson
2 Discovery of the Principles of lever and of specific gravity; invention of the famous Archimedean screw. Archimedes
3 An Italian scientist known for Avogadro’s Hypothesis. Avogadro
4 Radio-activity of uranium. Bacquerel
5 Television. Baird
6 Logarithms. Baron Napier
7 Invented lightning conductor. Benjamin Franklin
8 Steel smelting process. Bessemer
9 Research in Cosmic rays and Quantum theory. Bhabha, Dr H.J.
10 Intelligence Test. Binet
11 Researches in Botany. Birbal Sahni
12 Invented Crescograph and published many works on plant physiology. He discovered that plants have sense and perception. Bose, J.C.
13 Discovery of a group of nuclear particles named after him “Boson”. Bose, S.N.
14 Boyle’s law; Pressure x volume = constant at a constant given temperature. Boyle was the greatest scientist of England in his time. Boyle
15 Electron Theory—Atomic structure. Bohr
16 space flying. Braun, Dr Wernher von
17 Invention of the spectroscope. Bunsen
18 Nylon plastics. Carothers
19 Discovery of chemical composition of water; discovery of hydrogen (Inflammable Air); ‘rare gases’. Cavendish
20 Discovery of the neutron. Chadwick
21 Mathematical Astrophysics. Chandrasekhar
22 Theory of Evolution; Origin of Species. Charles Darwin
23 Concept of Geostationary Orbit. Clarke, Arthur C.
24 Discovery of radium. Curie, Madame
25 Atomic theory; laws of chemical combination; law of partial pressures; the law of multiple proportions. Dalton
26 Greek philosopher—(Atomic theory). Democritus
27 Invented cordite, liquid oxygen and introduced thermos flask. Dewar
28 Theory of relativity. Einstein
29 Science of geometry. Euclid
30 Fahrenheit mercury thermometric scale in which freezing point is –32° and boiling point is 212°. Fahrenheit
31 Electromagnetic induction and laws of electrolysis. Faraday
32 Discovered artificial splitting of atoms. Fermi
33 Doctrine of Psycho-analysis. Freud
34 Law of gases. Gay Lussac
35 System of absolute electric measurements. Gauss
36 Discovered the art of vulcanising rubber. Good Year
38 Discovered the Planet—Uranus. Herschel, William
39 Electrical waves. Hertz
40 Founder of scientific astronomy. Hippalus
41 Discovered the first aniline dye. Hoffmann
42 Dynamical theory of heat. Kelvin, Lord
43 Deciphering the genetic code. Khorana, Dr Hargobind
44 Film and photographic goods. Kodak
45 Manufacture of washing soda. Lablanc
46 Invention of cyclotron. Lawrence
47 Helium gas. Lockyer
48 Perfected his system of reading and writing for the blind Louis Braille
49 Wireless telegraphy; radio. Marconi
50 ‘Montessori’ method of teaching children. Maria-Montessori
51 Electro-magnetic Theory of Light. Maxwell
52 Effect of pressure on Radiation through bodies. Meghnad Saha
52 Laws of heredity. Mendel
54 Periodic Table. Mandeleev
55 Morse system of electric telegraphy. Morse
56 Laws of gravitation; Law of Motion. Newton
57 Dynamite. Nobel
58 Physicist. Researches in wireless communications. Oliver Lodge
59 Researches in atomic theory. Oppenheimer
60 Discovery of uranium fission. Otto Hahn
61 Celluloid. Parkes
62 Steam turbine. Parsons
63 Theory of Conditioned Reflex. Pavlov
64 ‘Mauve dye’. Perkin
65 Founded the Pitman system of phonographic shorthand. Pitman
66 Quantum theory. Planck
67 Introduced a line of demarcation on the ships beyond which the ships cannot be loaded. Plimsoll
68 Discovery of Oxygen. Priestley
69 “Raman Effect” on polarisation of light and theories on crystals and diamond formation. Raman, C.V.
70 Molecular scattering of light in fluids. Ramanathan
71 A great Indian mathematician. Ramanujam
72 Discovery of Inert gases such as Argon, Neon, Helium etc. Ramsay
73 Researches in chemistry. Ray, P.C.
74 Experiments in regard to the physical properties of bodies and their relation to heat. Regnault
75 Gun powder. Roger Bacon
76 Discovery of X-rays. Rontgen
77 Induction coil. Rohmkorff
78 Atomic Research; succeeded in splitting the atom for the first time in 1918. Rutherford
79 Paints. Shalimar
80 British engineer and pioneer in Railways. He was the first to put a locomotive on the line that was able to draw a train of 31 carriages. Stephenson
81 Discovered electron. Thomson, J.J.
82 Discovery of Neon gas (Working with Ramsay). Travers
83 Discovery of Heavy Hydrogen. Urey
85 Current electricity and electric battery. Volta



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