World Press Freedom Index-2018 : India Rank 138th


‘World Press Freedom Index-2018’ released by Reporters Sans Grontiers (RSF), without borders. India Indexed 138th in this Reports. It ranks 180 countries in context of freedom available to Press.

In 2017 India’s rank was 136th. Reason behind India’s low ranking on the index is Killing of journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh, who was shot down outside her house in Bengaluru in September 2017.

2018 ‘World Press Freedom Index’ – Top 10 Countries

Rank Country
1st Norway
2nd Sweden
3rd Netherlands
4th Finland
5th Switzerland
6th Jamaica
7th Belgium
8th New Zealand
9th Denmark
10th Costa Rica

Russia got same position at 148th rank as 2017, also China retained its spot at 176th while US slipped to 45th as compared to 43rd rank in 2017. Norway topped the index for second consecutive year, while North Korea at 180th spot remained the most repressive country.

Among India’s neighboring countries position in  World Press freedom Index –

  • Bhutan – 94th
  • Nepal -106th
  • Sri Lanka – 131st
  • Myanmar – 137th
  • Pakistan – 139th and
  • Bangladesh -146th
  • China – 176th

Know About World Press freedom Index –

World Press Freedom Index was first published in year 2002. It ranks 180 countries in context of freedom available to Press.

The methodology to compile the index is based on qualitative inputs (responses of experts to a questionnaire) and quantitative inputs (data on abuses and acts of violence against journalists).

The questionnaire seeks views on prevailing pluralism, media environment and self-censorship, media independence, legislative framework, transparency and the quality of the infrastructure that supports the production of news and information.


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