Haryana First State to Launch 325 Services on SARAL Plateform


What is SARAL –
SARAL is in alignment (A position of agreement) with the Digital India’s vision of faceless, paperless and cashless service delivery model. The aim of SARAL is to make a unified platform to deliver and track 380+ citizen services across the State Haryana. Thus, improving citizen service delivery in Haryana.

SARAL is fully integrated and functioned with National systems like RAS (Rapid Assessment System)

Its first phase was launch September 15, users will have the facility to track their applications across 130+ services on web portal and SMS

A reporting engine has already been integrated with the system to track the performance of departments based on Service Delivery IndexHaryana First State to Launch 325 Services on SARAL Plateform

What a Citizens can do Through SARAL –

  • A Citizens can apply for Ration Card Member Addition,
  • sewerage connection in Cities and MC Towns,
  • water supply connection,
  • Building Plan,
  • Application for Fire Fighting Scheme,
  • Business Licenses,
  • Financial Assistance for artificial limbs to workers with disability etc.

February 13, 2018 –

On the birth (April 14 ) anniversary of Constitution maker of India Dr BR Ambedka,  CM Manohar Lal Khattar announce that over 325 citizen-centric services and schemes of 31 departments would be launched on SARAL platform.

With this Service, Haryana State will become the 1st  state to have an online integrated platform with all government to citizen (G2C) services.

Currently, 113 services were being delivered on SARAL platform. Chief Minister Khattar also reviewed the performance of 10 departments based on their SARAL score.

SARAL ensures (Make Certain Somwething) delivery of services within the Right to Services (RTS) timeline and the status of the application could be tracked online as well as on SMS. All departments are ranked based on SARAL score.

The Chief Minister said, “The aim of the state government is to fast track the system by removing bottlenecks in a systematic manner.”

CM Khattar also said that it had been decided that schemes for the welfare of marginal section would also be made available through SARAL portal. e-Disha centers at the district headquarters, subdivision and tehsils would be renamed as “Antyodaya SARAL Kendra” to deliver schemes in addition to services to last man.

It was informed that 60 eDisha centres at district and subdivision level are being revamped into state-of-the-art facilities. Apart from this, an integrated SARAL helpline is being established for all queries, complaints and requests.


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