Haryana Govt Starts “eKarma Programme” for Promote Freelancing & Entrepreneurship


The Haryana State Govt is going to implement “eKarma-Programme”. The reason behind to implement “e-Karma Programme” is to freelancing and entrepreneurship in Haryana State. This Scheme will be launched in 21 colleges of the state with initial batch of 2000 persons.


Haryana Govt’s vision behind this scheme to promoting self-employment, entrepreneurship and start-ups among the youth of the state.Haryana Govt Starts "eKarma Programme" for Promote Freelancing & Entrepreneurship

Haryana’s Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal has approved a proposal in this regard and he said that based on the facilities of hardware and internet connectivity available, 21 colleges has been shortlisted for the start of this scheme. The catchment areas of these colleges would provide the young people who would be trained with the requisite skills under this scheme. The Higher Education Department would assist in the effective implementation of this scheme through their principals.”

The spokesman said that the finalization of eligibility conditions for prospective bidders and the budget for 2000 trainees would be finalized in consultation with KPMG, the knowledge partners of the Industries Department.

He said that the output of this scheme would be measured in terms of foreign exchange earnings made by the trainees within one year of the completion of their training. Besides, it would be ensured that the successful bidder that is service provider commits that the amount earned by the trainees in one year is equal to or more than the amount spent by the government on training of this batch of 2000, he further added.


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